Comfortable Ski Boots!

November 30, 2011

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Oh the joys of a comfortable ski boot.

Modern ski boots have gone through a huge transformation since the original leather ones, from variable flex to inbuilt warmers, the modern ski boot is a technological masterpiece.

However despite the cleverness of modern ski boots they can still be uncomfortable, if we don’t follow a few simple procedures.


When storing your ski boots, even hire ones, even just overnight, make sure the tongue of the boot is pushed back in the boot and the clips are all done up. The plastic which makes up a ski boot has a ‘memory’, and if you leave the tongue of the boot protruding out of the boot, see picture 1, the tongue will have a fold/ruck created in it which will push down on your foot all of the next day or even worse forever! Clipping up the boot keeps the boot in its proper shape and makes it easier for you to get in and out of.

To keep your boots comfortable, always clip your boots up when not in use.


Make sure you have no rucks or ridges or heavy seams in your ski socks, and it should only be your ski socks (together with your foot!) that goes into your boot. If you are wearing thermals or leg warmers make sure that the bottom of these finish just above the top of your boot, you may have to pull them up from the bottom to do this, and of course never ever tuck the ‘snow cuff’ of your ski trousers into your boots. The ‘snow cuffs’ are designed to go over the boot (see picture 2) and thereby stop the snow going up your leg! Any rucks or ridges cause blood flow restrictions which may make your feet feel cold! Or worse cause friction which leads to blisters or bruising.

Fasten the snow cuff outside your boots, only your socks should be inside your boots.


Take the boot inners out and dry them, all modern ski boots come as both an outer (shell) and the inner. In spite of the modern design water still gets between the outer and inners, so you need to pull the inners out of the boot, and dry both the inners and the shell, this is an easy thing to do and you should do it a couple of times if you are on a weeks ski holiday, and certainly if you have been skiing powder or wet spring snow.

I hope this helps you and your feet have a more comfortable time on the snow.


Any question, let me know.

Next week: Why flex your skis?

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Aspen December 25, 2011 at 2:40 pm

That’s going to make tnhgis a lot easier from here on out.


Hillwood January 16, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Hello Aspen,

Are you a ski fanatic with the nickname of Aspen?, or are you an Aspenite?

I’m pleased you like my blog.



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