Low Temperatures

February 5, 2012

With temperatures as low as minus 15 -20 degrees remember some simple rules:

Wear an extra layer – several thin layers are better – but ensure they are made of natural fibres or specialist fabrics

Wear a scarf/buff/balaclava/face mask or pull the collar of your jacket up to cover your month and nose

Wear googles – they actually help to keep your face warm and project your eyes

Keep your boots in a warm place overnight and make sure they are dry, this also applies to your socks!

Remember to stop more often and warm up; toes and fingers are particularly vulnerable to getting cold, if they do get very cold, never warm then directly on any heater, rub them and allow the blood to flow back, this can really hurt sometimes!

A question I was asked today was ‘Why does the snow squeak in these low temperatures?’

Quite simply it is the snow crystals breaking, they normally slip against each other but in these extreme temperatures they break.

Stay warm and happy skiing!



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