Child Care

Children’s Clubs

  • Free – Crèche places for the two year olds and under
  • Free – Child care for 2 – 4 yr olds
  • Free – Evening Supervision club
  • Lunch time supervision (there is a charge for this service including Lunch)
  • Entertainment if your 3-5yr old doesn’t take to ski school

Ski Hillwood offers all day child care for children as young as 6 wks, lunch time supervision, after ski school pick up and evening club for those youngsters with energy! These services are for Ski Hillwood clients only and are run by Ski Hillwood staff. Parents can feel confident that Ski Hillwood’s team’s top priority is the happiness and safety of your child.

Fun in the Mountains

Ski holidays are all about having fun for adults and children alike. A family ski holiday allows everyone the independence of having fun at different levels. A holiday based in the mountains means that no matter what age you are, it is important to sample the outside and enjoy the experience.

With our many years of experience in entertaining and caring for our younger guests we have a programme which suits all age groups, but remains flexible.

Ski Hillwood’s staff childcare service operates from Sunday – Friday, 9.30am – 4.00pm and is for Ski Hillwood clients only. The day time programme is for the younger children from 6 wks old with the evenings being full of active fun for those old enough to join in.

6 Wks – 3 yrs Crèche

Hillwood’s crèche is for youngsters from 6 wks to 3 yrs old and is operated by our experienced childcare representatives working to a maximum of 1:3.
Whilst mindful of daily routine our representative will organise the day around indoor and outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities include walks and trips on the gondola to see the mountains, fun in the snow, snowman building, snow ball fights and even tobogganing. All are carefully supervised under the watchful eyes of our staff.

Indoor fun includes play and craft activities, our rooms are well equipped with a wide range of toys and materials to suit all ages. These range from drawing, colouring, model making, weather watch charts, hats, masks, to name but a few. For the quieter times, there is story time and DVDs.


Fun packed days means appetites grow.


Ski Hillwood offers lunch time supervision, meals are taken at the Zauchenseehof from 12.30 – 2.00pm. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day.


Evening meals are served at the hotel. If baby food or formulas require heating, the hotels are happy to accommodate this but it is advisable to try and avoid busy meal times. The hotel does provide wood style high chair.

For babies it is advisable to take your preferred formula milk as many British brands are not available in the resort. Rather than packing bulky items like
nappies, Ski Hillwood offer the service of supplying nappies in the resort, just phone through your requirements.

The hotel have a listening service through the telephone system, we also have a limited number of baby listeners if you would prefer to use these. For the young babies we do have sterilizer units in the resort.

If your child has any dietary requirements or significant allergies, please inform Ski Hillwood prior to departure.

Travelling with young ones can be easy.

Ski School and After Ski School Pick Up

In ski school children have a fun filled day, teaching techniques have changed over the years and children are taught in a far more relaxed fun style. They soon whizz around the mountain and the only problem then is keeping up with them!

It is always hard to know exactly the time to start children in ski school. Many children take to skiing at around four years old when they are able to understand instructions and be happy in a group. The Ski School in Zauchensee has a special ‘Kids Ski Club’ for the 3 ½ year olds operating mornings only 10.00 – 12.30.

If your little one doesn’t take to skiing, then the Ski Hillwood’s team is delighted to entertain the children for the week, so your skiing is not disrupted. The ski school runs morning and afternoon lessons with a break for lunch. Ski Hillwood offer a lunchtime service, a small charge is made for this service and includes lunch plus if your child isn’t in ski school all day we can entertain them in the afternoon.

Evening Clubs

Everyone enjoys the company of their contemporaries and the same is true of children, Ski Hillwood’s evening club gives children a chance to have fun, while
parents can enjoy a quiet evening meal.

Ski Hillwood arrange a programme of evening events that range from scavenger hunts, bowling, quiz nights, tobogganing and games to DVD nights. The activity programme varies and depends on numbers, age groups and weather conditions. The club run from 7.30 – 9.00pm.


Our staff offer a babysitting service which is arranged in the resort.

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